Land Rover extends the choices available to its customers with the addition of a 2WD version of the Freelander 2 range. The new Freelander 2 ED4 allows the entry-level model of the Land Rover access at competitive prices. It is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine mated to a manual transmission system with six-speed stop / start smart, making it an excellent SUV displaying a level of CO2 emissions of just 158 g / km, the rate lowest ever achieved by a Land Rover.

In both quieter and more efficient, the new 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine develops in its two versions of 150 hp and 190 hp, more torque from 20 Nm to that of the current engine 160 hp (420 vs 400Nm). Freelander TD4 4-wheel drive 150 hp is available with reworked versions of the manual gearbox and six-speed automatic transmission, while the 190 hp model SD4 is available only with automatic transmission. The two variants of the diesel engine can now operate with 10% against 5% biodiesel before.

The exterior design changes, including a grille and front bumper as well as unreleased new exterior colors and alloy wheels, give the Freelander 2011 an original and contemporary look. As for the interior, it differs from that of previous models with a new range of styles based instrumentation. Another small but important novelty, the Land Rover logo changes color for 2011, swapping his gold lettering against a bright silver finish more contemporary, always on a green background.

The combination of new diesel engine 150 hp, system shutdown / startup intelligent and relief vehicle ED4 allows a level of conspicuous consumption than 6 l/100 km combined cycle. As for CO2 emissions, they amounted to 158 g / km, which represents a decrease of 11.7% compared to the current TD4_e. Despite this decline in polluting emissions, the performance of the ED4 remain unchanged compared to the previous model TD4. Like the diesel versions of four-wheel drive Freelander 2, 2011, ED4 develops increased torque to 420 Nm, a maximum speed of 180 km / h and slaughters 0-100 km / h in 11.7 seconds.

Refinement enhanced versions TD4 (150bhp) and SD4 (190 hp) 4 wheel drive

The popular turbocharged diesel engine with direct injection 150 hp has been optimized and available in two versions, one 150 hp available on the TD4 the other 190 hp for the SD4. They develop both an increased torque of 20 Nm up to no less than 420 Nm of combining lively performance and refinement. Already complies with the EU4 emission standard, this engine now meets the requirements of the EU5 regulations in both versions. With a new variable geometry turbocharger, it has been completely recalibrated to achieve new levels of power, to meet emissions standards and reduce CO2 emissions. Both versions of this engine are equipped with a series of catalyzed diesel particulate filter (CDPF). This strengthens the effectiveness of the EGR system, resulting in a reduction of 28% NOx and particulate matter (PM) of the order of 80%. The use of an intelligent power management (IPMS) allows the battery to recharge so smart by getting to the extent possible, the kinetic energy generated during deceleration of the vehicle, rather than increasing fuel consumption by its loading phase of acceleration.

Developed specifically for this engine, the new variable-geometry turbocharger is now cooled by water, so it can operate at a higher temperature, thus ensuring power levels and higher torque. This engine has also been equipped with a new more powerful computer to meet the most stringent emissions regulations. A new exhaust manifold welded steel replaces the old cast iron manifold for improved efficiency, while the ability of the EGR system has been increased to achieve extremely low NOx levels imposed by the EU5 standard. Furthermore, the engine receives a common rail system with piezoelectric injectors high speed.

For the first time, diesel powertrains Freelander 2 can operate with no more than 5%, but 10% of biodiesel. The piston rings have been reviewed and corrected to reduce friction. The bearing caps have also benefited from the improvements required by the extra power and torque, while the oil pan was fitted with a lid to reduce noise emissions from the bottom of the engine.

The engine cover is made from materials that can be recycled at the end of life vehicle. The front timing cover has, meanwhile, was redesigned and now contains additional ribs to reduce noise emissions. Among the improvements Freelander 2 in terms of noise and vibration, can also include the addition of a screen injector ‘flexible rubber placed on top of the engine and under the cover of the latter to absorb noise injectors. A new sensor mounted in the exhaust manifold guarantees, in turn, a finer control of internal temperatures of the turbocharger. The increase in accuracy offered by this new device can further exploit the functionality of the turbocharger to improve efficiency without compromising its robustness.

These improvements greatly enhance the sophistication and simplicity of the engine, while the combined effects of various measures to reduce noise emission levels lower engine noise by as much as 2 dB. The CO2 emissions of the Freelander 2 diesel 2.2 liter 150 hp manual gearbox now stands at 165 g / km, against 185 g / km for the TD4 150 hp and 190 hp SD4 automatic transmission or reducing discharges reaching respectively 8% and 14% over the previous model. Similarly, the fuel consumption of the Freelander 2 TD4 150 hp with manual transmission has been lowered from 9% to 6.2 l/100 km. As for the Freelander TD4 SD4 150 hp and 190 hp with an automatic transmission, they show, again, the same characteristics with a consumption of 7 l/100 km, which represents an improvement of 14%.

Despite the reduced levels of consumption and emissions, no compromise has been made in terms of performance. Manual and automatic versions of the Freelander 2 TD4 150 hp and go from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.7 and 11.2 seconds, just like their predecessors. As for the Freelander 2 SD4 190 hp automatic transmission, it takes only 9.5 seconds to perform the same acceleration. Maximum speed manual and automatic versions of the Freelander 2 TD4 also remains unchanged with 180 km / h, while the Freelander 2 SD4 automatic transmission is capable of mounting up to 190 km / h. Moreover, the diesel models are equipped standard with an anti-error filling to prevent drivers from accidentally filling their tanks with gasoline.

I6 petrol engine 3.2 liters in line with the emission standard EU5
The engine inline six 3.2-liter engine remains the high end of the Freelander 2, 2011. Already complies with the EU4 emission standard, this engine has been recalibrated to meet the requirements of the EU5 regulations, but it retains a power of 233 hp unchanged for a couple of 317 Nm Powered by this engine, the Freelander 2 slaughters 0100 km / h in 8.9 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 200 km / h.

Compared to all engine configurations, a six-cylinder in-line offers unmatched balance, but it is generally difficult to mount in a transverse position because of its length. However, the accessory drive system back (READ), in which accessories such as water pump, the air conditioning compressor and alternator are mounted not on the front but the rear of the engine back the length of the straight six at 600.5 mm, which allows it to easily fit in the engine compartment of the Freelander 2.

With the cylinder heads, a foot and an aluminum block sophisticated the i6 remains at the forefront of technology in terms of design of gasoline engines. In addition, it is equipped with two overhead camshafts and four head valves per cylinder with cam profile switching (CPS) and variable timing of the distribution (VVT). The combination of these two characteristics provides a high power, coupled with a remarkable flexibility at low revs and maximum energy efficiency.

The i6 engine also includes an intake pipe of variable length which adapts to maximize its power at high rpm and torque at low rpm. The combination of these various technologies, develops i6 80% of its maximum torque over the entire working range and a torque of 256 Nm between 1400 and 6400 rpm. Like diesel engines, the i6 has the power management system with intelligence (IPSM) which guarantees an intelligent charging the battery.

Developed from the original Land Rover, i6 engine is designed to resist penetration of dust, mud and water and driving on steep slopes.

System start / stop intelligent standard on diesel manual gearbox
All diesel models with manual transmission receive the coveted system stop / start smart Land Rover first such system fitted to an SUV. This system controls carefully closing the throttle butterfly, reduces fuel and cut the alternator to shut off the engine smoothly. A detailed software strategy support system combined with optimized engine of the Freelander 2 provides an equally flexible reboot. The mechanical components of the starter were reworked to ensure their resistance throughout the life of the vehicle. In addition to a starter for more robust, the Freelander 2 has a crown strengthened, a new plateau of friction of dual mass flywheel and an AGM battery (absorption of the electrolyte in a fiberglass mat ).

For the 2011 model year, the effectiveness of the system start / stop Smart has been further enhanced with the addition of a bidirectional crankshaft sensor and a disc release. These components allow the device to quickly determine the position of the crankshaft, which reduces the time to start the engine of 900 ms to 700 ms, an improvement of 22%. In practice, the result is a driver for improved sound quality and a significantly higher reactivity. Furthermore, the minimum temperature for the operation of the system was lowered from 4 ° C to 0 ° C.

Transmissions rethink optimizing energy efficiency
Aisin Warner automatic transmission AWF21 second generation helps to increase energy efficiency and reduce pollutant discharges through a number of improvements. The lock-up torque converter operates in an extended speed range, enhancing the comfort, simplicity and motor vehicle while optimizing internal components reduce weight and inertia of the system for reporting changes faster. The gear set has been improved thanks to record low inertia torque, tapered roller bearings and components optimized for efficiency. The performance of the box have also been enhanced with the adoption of an automatic transmission oil with low viscosity, while the new control system has played a reduced reactivity.

The major change lies in the transmission control logic advanced neutral position reduces the residual drive when the vehicle is stationary, the engine idling and the Drive position is selected. Even if the neutral position is not selected, the load is significantly reduced to lower fuel consumption and gain in sophistication. The calibration of the transmission has been reviewed by Land Rover engineers to reduce the torque converter slippage. In addition, automatic transmission, available options i6, Freelander TD4 and SD4, but not on the 2WD model ED4, continues to benefit from features Terrain Response, Land Rover, CommandShift ® and adaptive selection.

The many functions of the Terrain Response system is optimized by high levels of body rigidity to ensure comfort and exceptional handling and outstanding performance in any terrain. A structural panel mounted on the subframe before sharpens the steering precision while protecting the underbody of the vehicle while the engine mounting system in four points contributes to the stability of the latter and provides even greater refinement.

The manual gearbox six-speed Getrag M66 designed specifically for the Freelander 2 has been retained for ED4 and TD4. In this robust and compact box to four trees, the force is transmitted via a clutch to wear compensating cable-operated, as before.

Modernization of interior and exterior design
February 2011 Freelander has a new look unpublished characterized by a redesigned front apron incorporating new inserts, fog lights. It also adopts a new grille available in two finishes, namely Jupiter (Dark Finish) on the 150 hp and Titan TD4 (Bright Finish) models for diesel 190 hp gasoline. The Freelander 2 halogen lights are also included in the list of new year 2011 model, like the tail lights now have a transparent approach and an optical black edges for a stronger visual impact. The tailgate handle is now painted body color, while the trunk plinth has a noble metal finish. Other elements are the same color as the bodywork is the case of door handles, washer nozzles headlights, mirrors, and standard on petrol models and SD4 i6, sills and the rear bumper (optional on other models). The dimensions of integrated mirrors exterior mirrors have been increased by 10% and new alloy wheels 18 “and 19″ were established to recognize the truly modern look of the Freelander 2. The range of colors has also been revamped for 2011, with the addition of tints Kosrae Green, Baltic Blue and White Fuji.

Passenger side, the four new seat styles resolutely modern Freelander 2 offer an even wider. Clad in a new fabric or Resolve Tofino very elegant, leather-Napoli, a combination of Napoli leather and Alcantara or leather Windsor with the Premium Leather Package, these four types of siege distinguish different levels of finish new model. In addition, they are manual adjustment, power-adjustable in six quarters or directions controlled electric 8 / 6 directions in the case of seats Premium Leather Pack.

The color combinations are in addition to unprecedented new upholstery in shades of Ebony and Ivory Tan, while the cons doors are available in PVC with contrast stitching Ebony Ivory or Tan. The dashboard is adorned, in turn, of four new finishes, namely Metal Satin Silver, Black Metal, Dark Chestnut and Piano Black. This way lacquered piano black finish is also included at the steering wheel.

A new Premium Package Leather upholstery Windsor Shade Ebony, Almond, Ivory or Tan made his appearance among the high-end features of the Freelander 2. This pack also includes luxury power seats in 8 / 6 directions, Premium carpet and center console compartment closed. The graphic meter was redesigned to adopt a design that is both clear and contemporary.

The interior of Freelander 2 guarantees optimum safety for its occupants. The raised driving position can benefit from excellent visibility on all four corners of the vehicle and narrow pillars do not reduce the field of vision before.In addition, the Freelander 2 brings in series of seven airbags, including two curtains, two front, two side and a knee for the driver. The engine mounting position Cross releases not only the space inside the vehicle, but also plays an extremely important role in an impact, enabling the Freelander 2 win five stars in Euro NCAP safety tests for adult protection.


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About Ben

Greetings to all! Welcome to La Machine, a creative blog solely focused on automobiles, and I am Ben, the creator of the same. When you go through my blog, you will feel my love for the automobile, and if you are a fanatic, you will relate too. Start reading!